SINGLE | Louis Tomlinson „Don’t let it break your Heart“ | ab sofort im Handel erhältlich

Nach seinen im September und Oktober erschienenen Hitsingles “Kill My Mind“ und „We Made It“ legt der One Direction-Sänger nun nach. Sein Debutalbum “Walls“ erscheint am 31. Januar 2020 und im Februar geht Louis auf große Welttournee.

Louis: „Any time off I had, I’d go to Manchester for nights out with my mates. It made me realise I didn’t live in the real world anymore and I missed it. I loved being normal, reckless and stupid. It was the best escape. We’d stay up all night, talking about our dreams and what we thought would happen to us. That age is such an exciting time. You’ve no idea what the future holds, but you have so much potential. Where is my life headed? Who knows?

There was definitely a process of understanding where I sit musically. I have my own tastes and, to a certain extent, they are fighting against the musical tide. When I grew up, pop meant Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers and Amy Winehouse. Times change, obviously.

Currently pop is very urban and street, which is not what I relate to. Sure, I could make those sort of songs, but they wouldn’t feel like me. The puzzle was how to please both myself and the fans.

Quelle: Sony Music